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Micah & Amanda Bitchin' Kitchen
@ Eagles Rest Cellars
Outdoor Cantina Grill
Thursdays, 2 pm - 8 pm


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Picking Grapes

Open 12 pm - 6 pm Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday; Thursday & Saturday 12 pm - 8 pm

Thursday - outdoor cantina grill, 2 pm - 8 pm

Closed July 4th - Enjoy!


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Established 2018

At Eagles Rest we share with our guests our passion for the surrounding natural environment which influences the characteristic taste and flavor of our wines.  We serve wines which are produced from northern grape varietals that are ideal for our soil, topography, and climate. Our wine-making blends traditional and modern practices to ensure a quality wine.


We are also Christmas tree growers, operating Eagles Rest Tree Plantation for over 30 years.  The first trees were planted by Royce and his father in 1985. For us growing grapes, Christmas trees and operating the winery continue our belief that life is a daring adventure full of experiences which are meant to be shared with others.     

We invite our guests to be part of our adventure at Eagles Rest.  We hope you will find Eagles Rest to be an awesome experience, one that helps you, savor the adventure in life!   


About Us

Eagles Rest Cellars is owned and operated by husband/wife Air Force veteran team, Royce and Debra Fetherman and their daughter, Audra. Eagles Rest has been a Fetherman family adventure for over 30 years ago.  The first trees were planted over 30 years ago by Alden Fetherman, Royce’s father and Royce. Alden grew up in Stroudsburg, flew with the Air Force and Trans World Airlines and wanted to always own a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm.  So when nearing retirement he purchased Fenner Farms and Eagles Rest Tree Plantation became a reality. 

For Royce, after serving in the active duty Air Force in Little Rock, Arkansas as a navigator on the C-130E, he moved back to Stroudsburg in 1993 with Debra, after she had a break in military service, as a navigator on the KC-135R.  They met while attending Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training in California and married in 1988. Since then, family, growing Christmas trees and aviation have always been intertwined. Family and friends continue to help during the Christmas tree season. 

Local and regional families from New Jersey and New York travel yearly to the farm as part of their Christmas tradition of finding the “perfect” tree.  Alden’s favorite saying was “every tree is not perfect, but there is a perfect tree for everyone”. Our customers include over 3 generations of families.  

After retiring from the Air Force, Royce, discovered the many new vineyards and wineries in the Pocono area.  Wanting to diversify our farming operation, Royce, began the study of viticulture and enology. The area winery husband/wife teams of Randy and Tiffany Detrick (Blue Ridge Winery), Randy and Linda Rice (Mountain View Winery) and Skip and Susan Detrick have mentored and inspired how we operate and care for our winery and vineyard.  We are part of the Pocono winery community of families. 

In 2014, Royce started the vineyard, planting our first 500 vines and added another 400 vines in 2015.  Future plans include planting another 4 to 6 acres of vineyard and an apple and pear orchard. Royce manages all farm, vineyard and winery operations.  He is a jack of all trades using his aviation airframe/power plant, construction and Air Force aviation experiences to pull it all together. 

Debra is passionate about creating natural spaces at Eagles Rest.  She hopes that the natural landscape, plants and animals help you connect to nature.  You’ll also find her behind the scenes doing whatever else needs to get done. Debra is also a professor in health promotion and is a true believer of the positive impact of nature on human health and well-being. 

Audra grew up at the farm.  She played in the creek, the tree fields and around the barn.  During her teenage years, Audra planted trees, greeted and helped customers in the tree field.  Now, she manages the Choose-and- Cut-tree fields and tasting room. Audra is passionate about skiing, paddle boarding and outdoor adventure. 


Family and friends are a valuable presence in our life and adventures.  The Cherry Valley community of friends have helped in countless ways. Most often, you will also meet friends and family during your visit to Eagles Rest.

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