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Our Vineyard

The vineyard is the heart of what we do at Eagles Rest. Our vineyard is home to over 900 vines, trellised in the high top wire style of growing.  The vineyard is serene where the day seems to be less hurried and more calm.

At Eagles Rest, our desire is to grow beautiful, succulent grapes.  We grow Northern grape varietals: Frontenac, Frontenac Blanc, Brianna, and Petit Pearl.


The Frontenac red wine grape was developed by the University of Minnesota and released in 1996. This vigorous grape is a French-American hybrid chosen for its loose clusters of dark blue-black berries and fruity aroma. The fruit matures in late September or early October. Frontenac is a dry wine with a deep garnet color and aromas of cherry and other red fruits with a palate of blackberry, black current, plum and sometimes chocolate has also been identified. Frontenac grapes are also used in blush wines as well as a fortified wine in the port style.

Frontenac Blanc

Frontenac Blanc is a white-fruited mutation of Frontenac.  Discovered in 2006, Frontenac Blanc is the newest member of the Frontenac family.  Berries are yellow to gold when ripe, producing a very light straw colored wine. Ripens late mid-season, with moderate to high acidity.  Produces crisp, sweet or off-dry whites with peach and apricot expressions and citrusy aromatics.


Brianna is a light-skinned vigorous variety with superior winter hardiness.  Is extremely productive, with small to medium sized tight clusters which produces light, semi-sweet table wines with grapefruit, tropical, and floral characteristics, with a pronounced pineapple nose and flavor when fully ripe. 

Petit Pearl  

Petite Pearl wine grape is the newest cold climate red wine grape. It is considered fully hardy.  Petite Pearl wine has Syrah like qualities, is deep ruby-red and ages well. Produces complex wines with lots of spice and fruit jam qualities. It has an excellent blending component to add complexity and softness to most northern red wines if desired.  

No outside beverages of any kind may be brought onto the winery property. This includes, but is not limited to, wine beer, spirits, soft drinks, or non-alcoholic beverages and water.  Beverages are available for sale in the winery. 


Per the PA Liquor law, no one who appears to be visibly intoxicated or who is under 21 years of age will be permitted to consume alcohol on the premises. 

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