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Our family has a love of aviation and a rich history of military service in the Air Force beginning with the Army Air Corp.  Many of the adventures in our lives have centered on our love for aviation. That’s why, we enjoy naming and describing our wine in aviation terms.

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Dry White Wines

Taxi (Dry) 

This Cayuga starts with a smooth honey taste and finishes with crisp pineapple flavors.  

Lift (Dry, 0.25% Sugar)

This Vidal is a very fruity blend with notes of pineapple and grapefruit that lift off your palate.  

Crosswinds (Dry, 0.75% Sugar) 

Smells like wild flowers and tastes like a blend of pears and dried apricots.


Dry Red Wines

Airdrop 2019 (Dry)

This estate Petit Pearl is aged with French oak which gives this dry red a smooth buttery mouth feel.

Airdrop 2020 (Dry)  

This Petit Pearl is slightly fruity with subtle oaky flavors and hints of caramel.

Layover (Dry, 0.50% Sugar)

This is a blend of Petit Pearl and Frontenc combines fruit flavors with subtle nutty tones.


Semi-Sweet Wines

Happy Landings (White, 2% Sugar)

This Brianna comes from our estate vineyard and tastes just like you're eating grapes off the vine. 

It has a classic grape taste with hints of granny smith apples. 

Happy Landings Apple (White, 2% Sugar) 

This Brianna grape and apple wine blend  is for the cider lover!

It's a wine but tastes like a dry hard cider. 

Crosswinds Peach (White, 2% Sugar)

Slightly sweet and oh, so juicy as if plucked right from the tree.


Sweet Wines

Attitude (Blush, 6% Sugar)

This Pink Catawba smells like a fresh field of flowers with note of mixed berry to the taste. 

True North Blueberry (Fruit, 7% Sugar)  

Northeastern Pennsylvania bright and ripe blueberry notes.

Cruise (Red, 7% Sugar)

This Concord has a light and bright classic smooth grape taste.

Strawberry Attitude (Blush, 8% Sugar)

This is a blend of Strawberry and Pink Catawba wines.  The hint of strawberry is just right!


Seasonal Sangria, Slushies & Cocktails

 Made from our wine, distilled spirits from Silverback Distillery and tea from the Skirted Soldier.  All veteran-owned establishments.    

Beer on Tap

On tap from local breweries like Shawnee Craft Brewery, Log Tavern Brewing Co., and Richmond Farm & Brewery.  Selections change weekly so ask us what's on tap!

Non-alcoholic Drinks 

Water, Soda, Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate (seasonal)

Our wines are available for sale at these other establishments




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