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Giving back to our community

Giving is key to a fulfilling life of adventure.  Life is a gift in and of itself. Nature and freedom are two of life’s gifts that are near and dear to our hearts.  That is why caring for nature and the needs of military veterans and their families is giving that matters to us.



Every day our nation’s military women and men protect our freedoms and democracy.   


Our commitment is to continue to support The Valor Foundation and other veteran organizations.  




Eagles Rest is located in Cherry Valley, just outside of Stroudsburg, PA.  The winery, vineyards and fields are surrounded by the ridge lines of Kittatinny Ridge and the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  Cherry Creek runs through the entire length of the farm.

Alden and Anne Fetherman were key to the preservation and conservation efforts of our farm and Cherry Valley.   Organization and individuals dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the watershed, wildlife and agriculture in Cherry Valley are key to our ability to share the Eagle Rest experience with you.  That is why we also focus on giving back to The Friends of Cherry ValleyBrodhead Watershed Association, and the Cherry Valley Wildlife Refuge. 

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